Friday, 10 May 2013

The Great Gatsby

All of us at Pod are so excited for the new 'The Great Gatsby' film to come out in a couple of days.
To celebrate the iconic 1920s style, we've hand picked a few pieces from Pod that we feel are truly inspired by the jazz age - from elegant jewellery to home decor.

Bring a bit of glamour to your next dinner party with these LSA Champagne Saucers with a pearlescent finish.
One cube or two? These re-usable Whiskey Stones will keep your drink cool without watering it down.

Relax and unwind with some jazz music and these gorgeous sandle-wood scented candles or pamper yourself with our luxurious gin & rosewater Tokyo Milk Handcream.

This Perfume Glass Jar would add a perfect touch of vintage 1920s to any bathroom or vanity table and is a bargain at only £10.25.

Both these pieces of jewellery have given a modern edge to art-deco style. From Azuni's Disc Stud Earrings with a Dark Drop Stone, to House of Harlow's Totem Pole Necklace only £24.75, all you'll need after that is a glitzy flapper dress and a cocktail in hand!

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