Thursday, 13 June 2013

There's More to Alex Monroe than the Bee

By now, we're all familiar with Alex Monroe's iconic Bumblebee necklace, as seen on British beauties such as Emma Watson, Laura Marling and Sienna Miller.

However, this is not the end to Mr Alex Monroe's talents! He's produced an enormous range of beautiful designs, sometimes eccentric, and always adhering to the spirit of 'Britishness' that his brand has embodied for nearly 25 years now.

Here at Pod, we love Alex Monroe Jewellery and so have decided to take the time to introduce you to a couple of his other pieces that you might never have seen before but are equally as stunning as his world famous Bumblebee necklace!

This necklace has a simple, yet gorgeously decadent design.

These lovely little studs are jolly springlike!
A popular and complex design, this necklace is an intricate and elegant piece.

Featuring both 22ct gold plate and sterling silver, this apple bite necklace is a delicately witty and whimsical piece.

From Alex's latest collection 'The Chase', this little rabbit tiny, delicate and full of energy!

 A witty and elegant necklace. The large wheel actually does goes round. Perfect for any vintage enthusiast.

Hopefully, we've introduced a few new pieces to you and made you as enthusiastic about Alex Monroe as we are! 

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