Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Food for Thought

We've compiled a few of Pod's most unique yet affordable gifts for food-lovers! We have a wonderful range for foodies all under £40.00.

The highly praised Leon Cookbook, not only looks beautiful it is also full of easy and healthy recipes (yep, even in this puddings one!)

Love it or hate it, this Marmite Shopping Tote Bag is a fantastic size and features the iconic marmite jar in a bold pop-art style. Another bold piece we have is this bright Melamine Platter at only £7.50, we also have it in lots of other bright patterns from polka dots to daisies.

Hosting a dinner party soon? Impress your guests with these sustainable bamboo Salad Hands and Champagne Glasses with an elegant pearl lustre finish. Either of these would also make superb wedding gifts!

Save yourself some time in the kitchen with these cool multi-tasking gadgets.
The Citrus Saw would be a spot-on pressie for a Corona-loving-boyfriend, a handy tool that cuts lemons and limes and also pops off  bottle caps.
We doubt many people have one of these in their cupboards- a giant sharperner that peels and sharpens your carrots!
A perfect 3-in-1 apparatus for siblings or offspring heading to uni, this Pasta Server also has a cheese grater on the back and measures out your spaghetti portions too. 

With such a wide range of quirky yet practical'll be difficult to pick just one.

1. Marmite Shopping Tote - £15.50
2. Oil & Vinegar Holders - £24.95
3. Pasta Server - £10.50
4. Melamine Platter - £7.50
5. Leon Cookbook - £20.00
7. Salad Hands - £12.50
8. Champagne Glasses - £27.00
9. Citrus Saw - £4.25

All of the above are available on our rather lovely website: