Monday, 22 April 2013

Have a Wonderful Wedding with Pod!

From charming table toppers to quirky jewellery...whether you're searching for decorations for your big day or something sentimental for a special friend, Pod makes it a piece of cake.

These Utterly Scrumptious Cupcake Toppers would suit any spring/summer wedding and bring a pop of colour to the table. Or if you're looking for something more traditional we also have these intricately cut Cupcake Cases.

These vintage-inspired Gold Lace Serviettes and Party Porcelain Paper Plates bring a touch of elegance to the buffet table, in classic white and gold. Both sets are under £5.00.

Alex Monroe's cosy little Lovebirds on a Branch would make a beautiful present for a bride-to-be and also comes in sterling silver.

 Looking for something to thank your lovely bridesmaids? Look no further! These gorgeous gold plated Azuni Double Teardrop Earrings are only £35.00 and make the perfect favour. The stones are all semi-precious and we now stock a range of 7 different colours.

Newly-weds can look forward to kicking back on the sofa after a long day with matching Bride & Groom mugs, £9.99 each, or splash out and celebrate with these stunning Pearlescent Champagne Glasses, only £27.00 for the pair.

All of the above is available right now on our website