Friday, 12 April 2013

Toot Sweet!

How amazing is this cake table from our Web Manager's wedding?! The theme was a Village Fete, and to add a personal touch, everyone was asked to bring a home-baked cake to the reception after the wedding.

With guests baking delicious coffee cakes, all kinds of fairy cakes and an incredible home-made battenberg, they needed something as stunning as their baking skills to display them on! The Toot Sweet range from Meri Meri party decorations, featuring the super cute Ferris Wheel centre piece and Mini Pinwheel Toppers, really brought the whole table together.

From polka dot cup-cake wrappers,  to the retro inspired sweet cones and ice-cream cups, all these splendid decorations are under £20.00.

The most stand-out piece from this collection has to be this striking Ferris Wheel centre-piece, which holds cupcakes and actually spins around!

We also love the old-school Helter-Skelter which we think would be great fun for a children's Birthday party too.

Whatever the occassion, this Toot Sweet range are bound to add colour and excitement to any party table.

All are available now on